Which of the following hormones causes increased atrial pressure and decreases sodium reabsorption in the kidneys?

  • A. Atrial natriuretic peptide
  • B. PTH
  • C. Aldosterone
  • D. Vasopressin


Angiotensin I is changed by which of the following into Angiotensin II?

  • A. ACE
  • B. AVT
  • C. Pepsin
  • D. Adenosine


Which of the following is not a cause of peripheral edema?

  • A. Increased capillary permeability
  • B. Reduced levels of plasma proteins
  • C. Heart failure
  • D. Decreased capillary output


Which of the following during an electrocardiogram is associated with hypokalemia?

  • A. QRS complex
  • B. U wave
  • C. PR segment
  • D. ST segment


Which of the following is not generally associated with a 2nd degree (Mobitz Type 1) AV block?

  • A. Usually asymptomatic
  • B. Nonsequential (P wave then QRS complex)
  • C. Increased PR segment/interval
  • D. 70% Fatal


An S3 heart sound is often associated with?

  • A. CHF
  • B. COPD
  • C. Atrial fib.
  • D. Ventricular fib.


Mean arterial pressure is the product of:

  • A. TPR x SV
  • B. TPR x CO
  • C. CO/SV
  • D. SV/EDV


During phase 3 of the myocardial action potential which ion is moving the most?

  • A. K+
  • B. Ca+
  • C. Na+
  • D. Ca2+


An ejection fraction can be calculated as:

  • A. SV/TPR
  • B. CO/TPR
  • C. SV/EDV
  • D. CO/EDV


Which of the following is not a bradykinin effect?

  • A. Elevated capillary permeability
  • B. Elevated pain levels
  • C. Elevated vasodilation response
  • D. Elevated prothrombin secretion


PAH is secreted in which of the following locations?

  • A. Distal tubule
  • B. Loop of Henle
  • C. Collecting tubule
  • D. Proximal tubule


Which of the following is not an anterior pituitary gland secretion?

  • A. TSH
  • B. GH
  • C. Vasopressin
  • D. Prolactin


Thyroid Hormone T3 does not have which of the following functions?

  • A. Stimulate bone development and growth
  • B. Create beta-adrenergic responses
  • C. Cause brain development
  • D. Decrease calcium re-absorption


Hypercalemia has not been linked with which of the following?

  • A. Paget's disease
  • B. Aldosterone
  • C. Sarcoidosis
  • D. Malignancy


Which of the following does not require the pre-cursor progesterone?

  • A. Cortisol
  • B. Testosterone
  • C. ACTH
  • D. Aldosterone


Which of the following is the source cell for the secretion Pepsinogen?

  • A. Chief cell
  • B. Plasma cell
  • C. G cell
  • D. Parietal cell


Which of the following is the primary activator of zymogen secretion?

  • A. Somatostatin
  • B. Secretin
  • C. Acetylcholine
  • D. Gastrin


Which of the following is not a function of Angiotensin II?

  • A. Causes release of aldosterone
  • B. Causes vasodilation
  • C. Causes increased posterior pituitary activation
  • D. Elevates blood pressure


Which of the following is not a function of Progesterone?

  • A. Causes increased body temperature.
  • B. Causes some smooth muscle relaxation.
  • C. Causes increased spiral artery growth
  • D. Causes activation of FSH


Which of the following is not a function of Estrogen?

  • A. Causes breast growth.
  • B. Causes inhibition of FSH
  • C. Increased follicle development
  • D. Decreased overall transport proteins