Intermediate Grammar


The word boycott derives from the name of Charles C. Boycott, an English land agent in Ireland that was ostracized for refusing to reduce rent.

  • A. that was ostracized for refusing
  • B. who was ostracized for refusing
  • C. which was ostracized for refusing
  • D. that had been ostracized for refusing
  • E. who had been ostracized for refusing


As a result of his method for early music education, Shinichi Suzuki has been known as one of the world's great violin teachers.

  • A. has been known as one
  • B. had been known as one
  • C. is seen as one
  • D. is being seen as one
  • E. has been one


Last night the weather forecaster announced that this is the most rainy season the area has had in the past decade.

  • A. this is the most rainy season the
  • B. this has been the most rainy season the
  • C. this was the most rainy season the
  • D. this is noted as the most rainy season the
  • E. this is the rainiest season the


Although Mandy is younger than her sister, Mandy is the tallest of the two.

  • A. is the tallest of the
  • B. is the taller of the
  • C. has been the taller of the
  • D. is the most tall of the
  • E. is the more taller of the


When Katherine Hepburn's play came to town, all the tickets had sold out far in advance.

  • A. had sold out far
  • B. have sold out far
  • C. were sold out far
  • D. had been sold out far
  • E. had been sold out for


The origins of most sports is unknown.

  • A. sports is unknown
  • B. sports have been unknown
  • C. sports are unknown
  • D. sports has been unknown
  • E. sports are now unknown


Neither of the Smith brothers expect to be drafted by a major league team this year.

  • A. expect to be drafted
  • B. expects to be drafted
  • C. has expected to be drafted
  • D. is expecting to be drafted
  • E. was expecting to be drafted


Has any of the witnesses been sworn in yet?

  • A. Has any of the
  • B. Is any of the
  • C. Will any of the
  • D. Are any of the
  • E. Have any of the


The Lusitania sunk on May 7, 1915.

  • A. sunk
  • B. did sink
  • C. was sunk
  • D. did sank
  • E. sank


Whos in the office now?

  • A. Whos in
  • B. Whose in
  • C. Who is in
  • D. Who's in
  • E. Whose' in


There are now many kinds of dictionaries, such as a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms, a biographical dictionary, and a geographical dictionary with pronunciations given.

  • A. with pronunciations given
  • B. that has pronunciations given
  • C. with pronunciations' given
  • D. that have pronunciations given
  • E. that do have pronunciations given


Towering seven hundred feet above the valley floor, Mount Rushmore National Memorial was an impressive site.

  • A. was an impressive site
  • B. is a impressive sight
  • C. is an impressive sight
  • D. was an impressive sight
  • E. is an impressive site


San Francisco lays southwest of Sacramento.

  • A. lays southwest
  • B. has laid southwest
  • C. is lying southwest
  • D. lain southwest
  • E. lies southwest


Did they know that Labor Day always came on the first Monday in September?

  • A. came on
  • B. comes on
  • C. has come on
  • D. had come on
  • E. has came on


Eating, drinking, and to stay up late at night were among her pleasures.

  • A. to stay up late
  • B. to remain up late
  • C. staying up late
  • D. she liked staying up late
  • E. trying to stay up late


Each night when night came and the temperature fell, my parents lit the fire in the bedroom.

  • A. and the temperature fell,
  • B. and that the temperature did fall
  • C. and that the temperature fell
  • D. and because the temperature fell
  • E. and when the temperature fell


Francis promised to bring the Papago basket that she bought in Arizona.

  • A. bought in
  • B. had bought in
  • C. has bought in
  • D. did buy in
  • E. purchased in


He has lain his racquetball glove on the beach.

  • A. has lain
  • B. has laid
  • C. have lain
  • D. have laid
  • E. is lying


I would have lent you my notes if you would have asked me.

  • A. would have asked me
  • B. could of asked
  • C. could ask
  • D. had asked
  • E. had of asked


Many scientists are still hoping to have found life on another planet.

  • A. to have found
  • B. to find
  • C. two find
  • D. to have been found
  • E. too have found


Because she had an astounding memory, Sue has never forgotten an important equation.

  • A. had an
  • B. could have had
  • C. has
  • D. did have
  • E. has had